Linksys is making its first modem-router hybrid

Many people use router from Linksys and Linksys has many types of routers what give you many options to choose a right router for you and your place. Generally there are two thing you need to use to get internet occupied in a place like your apartment or home. One of those is a cable modem, which is used for connected to a unvarying cable jack and outputs a wired Ethernet linking; and other is a router, which takes the wired connection of the modem and conveys the wireless internet connection what you know and love. Linksys, is a popular networking company announced that both routers and modems, is now releasing a router or modem hybrid device that together the two into one. However, this type of device is not new at all. The AC1900 Cable Modem Router is the model of the Linksys router what supports the DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem standard and offers an AC1900 router. It means that it is twin one. So if you are looking for an all-in-one option, you will get in the AC1900 Cable Modem Router. This types of router much more useful to me to buy the two devices distinctly, letting each to be exchanged out as needed. But I do appreciate the application, particularly for someone who is not planning on trading their router quite as often.

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